garret-woynarskiMassage Therapy has been my passion and career since 2001 and in 2010 I added medical (western) acupuncture from McMaster University as treatment modality.  I have maintained a flexible ashtanga yoga practice since 2004 and obtained my yoga teaching certification in 2006.

The treatments I offer are quite diverse and in-depth.  I do not always believe that the location of pain has to also be the source of the pain.  Through assessment, conversation, and treatment applications I will assist your body to return to its balanced state. 

I have two young kids that continually keep me engaged and smiling.  My wife and I spend a lot of time cooking healthy and wholesome meals for our family, as we believe nutritious food takes time to prepare and the health rewards last for a lifetime. 

Mountain and road biking, yoga and training with my personal trainer are weekly activities that keep my mind and body healthy to balance out the physical demands of the massage therapy profession.  Insight, coaching and calmness are ideals I bring to every professional, clinical treatment.

I have a niche for treating infants and young children.  Going through challenging times as a new parent, I know the frustration of not knowing why my kids were crying or not sleeping.   The video below shows a bit of how I approach massage therapy treatment for infants. 

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