Neurofunctional Medical (western) Acupuncture

I offer acupuncture services in Regina, Saskatchewan. Neurofunctional medical acupuncture is defined as peripheral nerve stimulation for the therapeutic use of regulating pain and related dysfunctions of the somatic and autonomic nervous system.  Fine, solid, single-use needles are used, with or without electricity, with the intent to neuro-modulate the sensory, motor and autonomic nervous system.  The goal of neurofunctional acupuncture includes the facilitation of the body’s inherent healing process, calm the brain’s chronic pain stimulus and induce physiological changes to return the muscular, neural and visceral systems to their normal homeostatic equilibrium.

My acupuncture training was conducted at McMaster University

I specialize in the EXSTORE treatment method.

I am an member in good standing with the Provincial Medical Acupuncture Association.



2146 Robinson Street
Regina, SK
S4T 2P7


September/FALL schedule available June 1st.

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