Massage Therapy

I offer massage therapy services in Regina, Saskatchewan. I have been practicing massage therapy in Regina since 2001 and I love what I do. Massage therapy is part science and part art. I have keen sense for the anatomical and physiological understanding of the body. This scientific knowledge is needed for successful assessment of your issue and then being able to convey and educate you is where the art part comes in. Also, I have an effective and balanced treatment style to release, ease and enhance your area of concern.

Sports Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy for athletes is highly beneficial and must be correctly administered to enhance training and performance.  I have gained a great deal of insight and experience into efficient treatment in the 8 years I spent as a RMT with the Saskatchewan Roughriders and 3 years with the University of Regina track and field team.  I have also been contracted to professional dance and ballet troops as they travelled across Canada.  I have volunteered as a RMT for the Canada Summer Games and the National and Olympic gymnastics qualifications.  I am also part of the Sports Medicine team at the Canadian Cowboys rodeo finals.

During a treatment session I can assist with identifying disruptive training patterns that may be contributing to your issue, inhibiting your healing and recovery or impacting performance.  A global assessment of muscle, nerve tissue and joint mechanics is essential to proper rehabilitation.  Psychological considerations are also important for athlete reintegration and acceleration in their sport.

Infant Massage Therapy

I have a soft, calm treatment style with infants that may be suffering from colic, digestion issues, pelvis and spine asymetries due to the birth process or a number of related issues.  I have treated my young kids since they were 1 week old and the youngest infant I have treated in the clinic was 17 days old.  Please see my infant massage video below for a better reference.

Myofascial Release

Myofascial release is a soft tissue treatment directed towards the connective fascia that encompasses muscle tissue and supports our entire body structure.  The fascial layer underlies the skin and provides a network of structural support for muscular, nervous and vascular tissue.

Thickened, trophic fascia will have excess compressive forces on the muscle, nerves and arteries/veins.  The effects of this tight fascia can be numbness, weakness, poor circulation, muscle pain/ache and joint mobility restrictions.  The Myofascial training I completed was through John F. Barnes ( and Jennings (

Pregnancy Massage

With expectant Mothers experiencing changes in their body composition, there are common asymmetries and tightness that can arise in the lower back, pelvis, shoulders and neck.  Massage therapy is remarkably helpful to relieve pain and tightness in these affected regions.

Swelling and numbness are common in the lower legs and hands during pregnancy.  Some females can experience an onset of headaches as well.  During the treatment we can discuss favorable sleeping positions to keep the hips and arms from falling asleep at night.

Craniosacral Therapy

Craniosacral therapy is a treatment I perform to assist with a client’s unique pain and body disturbances due to excessive or diminished cerebral spinal fluid flow through the dura matter of the spinal cord.  My education in craniosacral therapy through The Upledger Institute ( has augmented my understanding of the necessity to recognize the connection between the mind and body to relieve the brain’s adherence to dysfunction and chronic pain.

Craniosacral therapy is beneficial for concussion related symptoms, headaches and dizziness.

Visceral Manipulation

Visceral manipulation is a form of treatment I have been trained through the Barral Institute (  This type of treatment provides significant results for individuals dealing with abdominal organ issues and abdominal pain.  The abdominal region is a high traffic network of organs and connective tissue that suspends and maintains turgor and homeostasis.

Surgery to the abdominal region, whether it is for cancer removal, digestive, urinary or reproductive reasons can cause a disruption in the connective tissue, which often leads to scar tissue formation.  Low back pain is a common secondary issue that develops after abdominal surgery, resultant from postural compensation.  Also, residual emotional and physical trauma are often held within the abdominal cavity.

Visceral manipulation will help to release the scar tissue and promote natural alignment of the connective tissue.  By gently manipulating the visceral organs and their connective tissues, bowel motility and mobility can be enhanced, pain levels reduced and more flexible body movements achieved.

Visceral manipulation is highly beneficial for newborn children as well as adults.  Childbirth trauma and underdeveloped digestive tracts are common reasons for newborns to be unsettled, crying and potentially develop colic symptoms.

I am a member in good standing with the Massage Therapist Association of Saskatchewan

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